Support to Community

Arion Bank organizes a wide range of conference and events and is an active member of the community. More than 13,200 people attended seminars, conferences and other events organized by the Bank in 2019. Arion Bank also participated in numerous conferences and exhibitions elsewhere.

Events held in 2019 included:

  • More than 1000 people attended meetings held by Arion Research at the Bank’s headquarters. The largest meetings were also streamed live on Facebook.
  • More than 100 secondary school students attended a course on personal finances.
  • Numerous customers and other guests attended meetings on pension savings organized by the Bank.
  • The Icelandic Handball Federation held a number of press conferences at Arion Bank’s headquarters during the year.
  • Arion Bank regularly organizes art exhibitions and lectures on visual arts at its headquarters. The Bank now owns around 1,250 works of art by many of Iceland's leading artists and many of these works are on display at Arion Bank’s branches and places of work.
  • The Startup Reykjavik Investor Day was held at the Bank’s headquarters for the eighth time.
  • The final round of the Junior Achievement Iceland was held at the Bank’s headquarters, with over 20 student teams competing for awards. 
  • More than 1,000 university students visited the Bank to learn about the business. 
  • Arion Bank sponsored an annual football festival for youngsters in Reykjavík and organized all kinds of fun events. This year around 2,700 boys and girls took part in the football tournament, many of them competing in their very first event.

Giving back to the community

Arion Bank collaborates with numerous organizations and companies and supports a wide range of good causes in the community. We sponsor the Iceland Design Centre, the Icelandic Handball Association, the Icelandic Sports Association for the Disabled, NKG Innovation Competition and the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland. In addition the branches support diverse issues in their home towns.

  • This partnership includes Arion Bank’s support for DesignMarch, one of the Iceland Design Centre’s main venues for promoting Icelandic design and ingenuity. In 2019 the DesignMatch event was hosted at our headquarters as part of DesignMarch. It has been described as a kind of trade fair where Icelandic designers are given the opportunity to meet international buyers and manufacturers and to present their ideas and designs.
  • The Bank is one of the sponsors of the National Olympic and Sports Association and it provides strong support to the association with the goal of promoting sport in Iceland and participation in international events by Icelandic competitors.
  • Arion Bank is one of the main sponsors of the Icelandic Sports Association for the Disabled and is helping athletes prepare for the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo.
  • Arion Bank is one of the main sponsors of the Icelandic Handball Federation and has providing backing for the sport in Iceland for many years.
  • Arion Bank supports the Icelandic Forestry Association, helping to fund an initiative to further advance public knowledge of forests, provide information and improve access to forests for recreational purposes. The Bank also provides funding to plant trees.
  • Arion Bank and Kolviður reached an agreement in 2019 on offsetting the carbon emissions produced by the Bank's activities. Kolviður will fix the carbon in plants and soil through soil reclamation and forestry to offset the carbon emissions resulting from the Bank's activities.
  • We also provide support to a number of charities including the Icelandic Cancer Society and the Icelandic Red Cross, and our branches support diverse sport and cultural activities in their home towns.

DesignMarch: Sketch together in Arion Bank's headquarters