GRI Index

Reporting on sustainability at Arion Bank is now being presented for the second time in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative standard, GRI Core, which helps companies and institutions report information on sustainability in a transparent manner. The information presented in the GRI Index is valid for 2019 and refers to the main operations of Arion Bank.

In selecting material for Arion Bank’s 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report, the section on non-financial information and the GRI Index, we take into account ESG reporting guide for the Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic exchanges, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact. We listen to our different stakeholders and incorporate their views on what should be included in this report.

The focus this year is on meeting disclosure requirements on the Bank’s operations, social impact, human resources, environmental impact, corporate governance and economic factors.

Data on the Bank's environmental impact are prepared in partnership with the Icelandic innovation company Klappir Green Solutions. Data is in most cases streamed directly from the services providers to Klappir Core. Wherever data streaming was not available, accounting data was used. The data is then checked and verified by Klappir Green Solutions.

Data on human resources is obtained from the Bank's human resources system and data on corporate governance is based on the Bank's corporate governance statement. Financial information has been audited and affirmed by Deloitte.