CEO's office

The CEO’s Office includes the CEO, personal assistants to the CEO, business development specialists, and the Bank’s chief economist. Human Resources, Legal, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations and Compliance and Data Protection Officer also belong to the CEO's Office.

The main tasks of the CEO's Office involve general assistance to the CEO and the organization and administration of board and committee meetings. Business development is responsible for development and short-term and long-term strategic planning, as well as administering innovation projects such as Startup Reykjavík. The Bank’s Chief Economist is responsible for forecasting, analyzing and discussing economic developments in Iceland in order to provide good quality economic data for the Bank and its customers.

The majority of the Bank's assets in listed and unlisted companies are also administered by the CEO's office.

Human Resources is a united team with a clear vision and the expertise to communicate the Bank's strategy. Human Resources offers advice and support when recruiting employees and helps develop leadership skills and nurtures employees' abilities. Human Resources encourages professional development, continuous improvement and enhanced job satisfaction. Human Resources is a goal-oriented division which supports the Bank’s strategy by connecting people and placing customer experience at the heart of what we do. The Head of Human Resources is Helga Halldórsdóttir.

The Legal division provides independent and professional legal advice to other divisions of the Bank and to the senior management. Legal is also responsible for drafting legal documentation, liaison with external legal experts, the authorities and interest groups and handles litigation and the collection of debts. Legal works closely with other divisions of the Bank in order to ensure that legal experts are involved in any issues requiring legal advice at an early stage. The General Counsel and Head of Legal is Birna Hlín Káradóttir.

Corporate Communications is responsible for investor relations and external and internal communications. Investor Relations is responsible for providing investors with good, timely and relevant information to enable them to understand the business. Communications also project manages sustainability at the Bank. The Head of Corporate Communications is Haraldur Guðni Eiðsson.

The main role of Compliance is to ensure that the Bank has in place proactive measures to reduce the risk of rules being breached in the course of its activities. Compliance is also responsible for coordinating the Bank’s measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. Further information on Compliance at Arion Bank can be seen here. The Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer is Hákon Már Pétursson.

Marketing, which previously belonged the CEO’s Officer is now part of Retail Banking and Credit Management now forms part of Corporate & Investment Banking. The position of Customers’ Ombudsman was discontinued during the year.